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updated: 02/16/2020
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Took a ride on the sled and this is what it looks like between Fanny lake and Saul lake roads on the west side of Boot, total devastation, almost like the Tunguska blast of 1908


Dump News

We should be receiving in the next week or two our official dump stickers. These stickers must be displayed to use the dump or be turned away   Additional stickers are available for $25.00



From the Town of Doty

Doty WINTER Recycle Center Hours(and employment opportunity)

The Doty recycle center will be reducing its operating hours starting February 1st. This is a temporary change (which may become permanent) due to the availability of attendants. The town is pursuing the hiring of additional attendants. We are holding off on the change until February 1st to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the change. The town determined that while Wednesday was the least used day, it would be prudent to continue to keep the center open that day (at reduced hours) to accommodate residents. Sundays are the most used day, and its hours will not change.

Winter hours, from January through April are:

Wednesday 9 am – 11 am (Starts Feb 1st, 2020)

Saturday 9 am – 11 am (Starts Feb 1st, 2020)

Sunday 1 pm – 4 pm

Summer hours run from May through the end of December and are:

Wednesday 9 am – 11 am

Saturday 9 am – noon

Sunday 1 pm – 4 pm

These times will be evaluated if an applicant is found and hired to be an attendant and through out this winter and summer to see if it needs to be further modified. Holiday weekends, Deer hunting and other events have been considered in selecting the times and dates


So you think we've had a lot of snow? 

Here's a postcard of Lakewood from 1935


Bathymetric Contour Scan Map of the Boot Lake

completed last year by the WDNR, all part of our lake management plan.  It's a nice representation of the various water depths around the lake.


Oconto County Lakes Project

Boot Lake Study Report 2019

Overall Project: All 60 lakes with in Oconto County with public access will be studied and each lake will have an individual Lake Management Plan developed and the County will have an Operational Strategy and Plan completed and adopted to help County staff members in achieving an overall goal of "Having the Healthiest Waters in Wisconsin"

Boot Lake was included in the first round of studies

click here to read the Boot Lake DRAFT Management Plan REVISED 10/15/19

If anyone has comments, they can email them to Amy Klebe ( and she will forward  the comments to Ryan Haney, Water Resource Scientist, Center for Watershed Science and Education UW-Stevens Point


Here a postcard of the lodge circa 1960's to early 1970's.  Note the bunkhouse in the background where single rooms were available for the avid hunter or fishermen.


It could take 10 years for Wisconsin to recover from the violent July wind storm that wrecked northern forests

Click Here to Read Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Article on the July 2019 Storm


Boot Lake 1928

Here is a postcard which was sent August 28th 1928 taken from the top of the hill at Pine Ridge Lodge.  Notes the size of the pine trees in the foreground by the pier and compare them to today next time you take a boat ride around the lake.




Boot Lake Water Data for 2019 (updated 8/20/19)

Here are the data for 2 years of taking samplings from the lake. We hope to have the results for phosphorous and chlorophyll tests back from the state sometime later this year and will forward for posting.

click here to see 2018 - 1019 water data readings

Zebra Mussel Update

As the summer season ends we need to pay close attention and look for zebra mussels that may be attached to structures that we remove from the water, including boats, docks, rafts, and water toys.
We have a picture of the adult zebra mussel that was found in the lake here on the website. Adult zebra mussels range from 1/8 to 2 inches in size. They can feel like sandpaper when you rub your hand along submerged surfaces. If you find any mussels remove them if possible and let me know. Place the mussels in a container with rubbing alcohol and I will pick them up. My email address is amywolves14@ Also let me know if you have any questions. I can post the information in the website.
On Wednesday August 14 I assisted DNR staff in taking water samples on the lake. The state lab will do microscopic analysis to look for veligers, which are the mussel larvae.
We will not get the results from that testing for severals months but the results should give us an idea of whether there is a viable population of them in our lake. In the meantime I will continue to do the shoreline AIS monitoring.

A big Thank You to everyone who has volunteered to do boat inspections for the Clean Boats Clean Waters program. There are many other invasive species out there that we need to monitor for.
I will continue to send updates as new information becomes available.
Amy Klebe


2019 Boot Lake Improvement Association Annual Meeting


click here for minutes of 2019 annual meeting


thanks to all who helped!

2019 Monitoring of

Boot Lake Boat Landing

(Clean Boats/Clean Waters Program)

download boat inspection form

find out more about this program at



Boot Lake Postcards

Here are two new photos of the lake taken around the 1930's time frame.  The first is a collage of Pine Ridge Lodge shots showing the area cabins and the lake, you may have to zoom in to see all the details.  The second is a very unique postcard of the CCC camp located across county T by the campground their is a sign over there commemorating the work they did during the depression building roads, campgrounds, and basically opening up the area.  I wonder what those guys would think of the area now.


Here are 2 more postcards from Boot Lake. The top one shows Bud Erler in 1948 inspecting the dock at Pine Ridge Lodge, note the fishing boat and early outboard motor which was provided to all the guests.
The one below is from 1964 of the outside of the bar, the dinning hall is off to the right of the main entrance under the Schlitz sign.

Here's how you got the word out about your business before social media.  Just think $5.00 a day and only two turns up from Chicago!


Postcard from the 1940's of Pine Ridge Lodge "Pump Room".  Behind the bar are Bud Erler along with his father ( Frank and John's father and grandfather).  Note the photos along the top of the walls, they are of famous boxers who used to come to the lodge to practice.


Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Amy Klebe if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

click here to visit the Wiscosnin Lakes website

2016 Boot Lake Creel Survey Report

A while back you called asking about our Creel Report from last year on Boot lake, and although it has taken longer than expected – it is now finally done!  Please feel free to copy or send to any others that may be interested.  You can also find more Creel Survey Reports on the following website

We certainly appreciate your cooperation and that of all the friendly folks we met out there.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.  Enjoy your lake.

Joelle Underwood
Fisheries Technician – Treaty Fisheries
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

8770 County J,  Woodruff, WI  54568
Phone: 715-356-5211 x 228

click here to see the 2016 Boot Lake Creel Survey Report


Update on Condition and Health of Boot Lake

click here to read the report from Amy Klebe



Boot Lake Fish Stocking Information

email from Senior Fisheries Biologist - Inland waters of Marinette County & Oconto County regarding fish stocking and historical fish population in Boot Lake
Boot Lake Gamefish Panfish Electro CPE_Summary
Boot Lake Stocking From1972 Present


Citizen Lake Monitoring Reports now on-line

click here to see Boot Lake data


U.S. Geological Survey

Water Level Marker on Boot Lake

2019 Readings

May 17, 2019: 4.48

May 29, 2019: 4.58

June 13, 2019: 4.52

July 2, 2019: 4.48

August 1, 2019: 4.38

August 17, 2019: 4.38

September 5, 2019: 4.26

September 12, 2019: 4.46

October 2, 2019: 4:50

Base height on 5/17/10 of 1.37 ft

(feet to inches calculator)

2018 Water Levels

2017 Water Levels

2016 Water Levels

2015 WaterLevels

2014 Water Levels

2013 Water Levels

2012 Water Levels

2011 Water levels

2010 Water levels

historic water levels for Boot Lake


Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Amy Klebe if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

click here to visit the Wiscosnin Lakes website


click here to see lake map, wake hours and recommended boating, skiing, tubing directions

Boot Lake Wildlife Photos

click here to see more photos


email photos, questions, comments, etc. to:

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