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updated: 08/11/2020
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Thanks to All Who Helped with

Boot Lake Cleanup 2020

Thank you Dan Platkowski, Dick Kelm, Ben Ariss, Craig Vorpahl, Joe, Ben & Addy Koss, Patty & Bill Bero, Ryan, Jennifer, Derek & Trent Gibbons and Sidney Rusch for your participation with the annual Boot Lake Clean-up efforts. We had a big crew this year which enabled us to cover over 50% of the shore line. The amount of garbage we pull out of the lake gets less as each year passes. We can all be proud of our efforts.

BOOT LAKE July Water Data

For our July readings we found the overall lake temps are up 2 degrees from the surface down to the bottom, also the water clarity has decreased by 9 feet, not that uncommon for summer with an increase in plant / algae growth and boat traffic.

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The effects and causes of low levels of dissolved oxygen in lake water

At the annual June meeting of the association the membership approved the purchase of a dissolved oxygen (DO) meter for the purpose of providing a key missing piece of information needed to provide our on-going monitoring of our lake.  Along with sampling for chlorophyll, phosphorus, temperatures, and water clarity testing, coupled with boat launch duties and invasive species monitoring, these along with this new instrument will help give us a complete picture of the health of the lake, and most importantly a heads up if something’s were to change.  I have put together a question and answer sheet on why doing dissolved oxygen is so important, I hope you find it useful and informative. Please feel free to pass this message onto any of your neighbors who are not members of the association so they know what's going on.


read the question and answer document

Boot Lake Has 1 Loon Chick!
Please watch out for the loons when boating!!
The chick cannot dive yet. The adults take turns feeding and protecting the chick so the adult with the chick cannot dive to avoid a boat.
Please also inform friends & family who may be visiting that they need to watch for the loons. When doing boat launch inspections inform boaters at the inspection.
We want the chick to have the best chance of surviving the summer.




I convinced the DNR to do a full AIS survey of the lake and another veliger tow which samples for zebra mussel larvae. It will be done most likely in August. I cannot help with the survey & tow. Due to the need for social distancing volunteers can’t be in the DNR boats. I will share results when they are available.

Clean Boats Clean Waters

I just rec’d a Clean Boats sign with metal stand that boat inspectors can bring with during launch duty. If anyone wants to use it contact me, I can leave it outside the house for you to pick up and you can return it to me after your inspection.

I also rec’d brochures & boat stickers to hand out to boaters and I still have some of the towels from last year to hand out.

If you have an hour or 2 come on out to do inspections & chat with the boaters! The DNR is out of stock on Clean Boats face masks but they will send me some when they are in stock. You can easily social distance and wear a mask when doing inspections.

Water Quality

Kurt and I are will start the Secchi dips & we just got the chemicals to do the water chemistry testing. We hope to have a DO (The dissolved oxygen) meter soon. I will keep you informed.

Amy & Kurt



Boot Lake Improvement Association Annual Meeting

Saturday June 9, 2020, Doty Town Hall

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time to signup for

2020 Monitoring of

Boot Lake Boat Landing

(Clean Boats/Clean Waters Program)

check out the dates

contact Dick Kelm to signup

download boat inspection form

find out more about this program at



2019 Boot Lake Boat Inspection Data

32 volunteer hours

49 boats were inspected

73 people were contacted

Postcards from Boot Lake Past

Boot Lake Narrative Water Quality Report for 2019


Boot Lake winter in 30 seconds

Zebra Mussel Update 3/7/20

2019 sample tested negative for veligers


Dear Boot Lake Stakeholders,

As I’m sure you know, a single live adult Zebra Mussel was found in Boot Lake in July of 2019. The mussel was found along the Southeast shoreline attached to a stick in about 6 ft. of water. A Citizen Lake Monitor Network volunteer, Amy Klebe, sent photos to the WDNR for confirmation and continued to search for additional mussels to no avail. No additional zebra mussels were reported in the fall after lake residents removed their docks.

With the assistance of Amy, WDNR collected 3 veliger tow samples throughout the lake. Veligers are larval mussels and, if found, would indicate that there is a detectable reproducing zebra mussel population. I just received results from the 2019 sample that tested negative for veligers. With that said, WDNR will still conduct a whole lake early detection survey in summer 2020 to continue searching for additional zebra mussels.

Either way, if we do or do not find zebra mussels, I will contact you soon after so that you are aware that the survey has been completed and what the results were. Unfortunately, zebra mussels are a species where control options are still in development so there is not much that lake groups can do besides help contain the population through prevention efforts such as Clean Boats Clean Waters.

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you observe what you believe to be a zebra mussel on Boot Lake please send me clear up close photos.


Amanda Smith
Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist – Office of Great Waters
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
2984 Shawano Ave. Green Bay, WI 54313
Desk: 920-662-5110

Cell: 920-883-5041



Bathymetric Contour Scan Map of the Boot Lake

completed last year by the WDNR, all part of our lake management plan.  It's a nice representation of the various water depths around the lake.


Oconto County Lakes Project

Boot Lake Study Report 2019

Overall Project: All 60 lakes with in Oconto County with public access will be studied and each lake will have an individual Lake Management Plan developed and the County will have an Operational Strategy and Plan completed and adopted to help County staff members in achieving an overall goal of "Having the Healthiest Waters in Wisconsin"

Boot Lake was included in the first round of studies

click here to read the Boot Lake DRAFT Management Plan REVISED 10/15/19

If anyone has comments, they can email them to Amy Klebe ( and she will forward  the comments to Ryan Haney, Water Resource Scientist, Center for Watershed Science and Education UW-Stevens Point


It could take 10 years for Wisconsin to recover from the violent July wind storm that wrecked northern forests

Click Here to Read Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Article on the July 2019 Storm


Boot Lake Water Data for 2019 (updated 6/14/20)

Here are the data for 2 years of taking samplings from the lake. We hope to have the results for phosphorous and chlorophyll tests back from the state sometime later this year and will forward for posting.

click here to see 2018 - 1019 water data readings

see 2020 water data readings

Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Amy Klebe if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

click here to visit the Wiscosnin Lakes website

2016 Boot Lake Creel Survey Report

A while back you called asking about our Creel Report from last year on Boot lake, and although it has taken longer than expected – it is now finally done!  Please feel free to copy or send to any others that may be interested.  You can also find more Creel Survey Reports on the following website

We certainly appreciate your cooperation and that of all the friendly folks we met out there.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.  Enjoy your lake.

Joelle Underwood
Fisheries Technician – Treaty Fisheries
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

8770 County J,  Woodruff, WI  54568
Phone: 715-356-5211 x 228

click here to see the 2016 Boot Lake Creel Survey Report


Update on Condition and Health of Boot Lake

click here to read the report from Amy Klebe



Boot Lake Fish Stocking Information

email from Senior Fisheries Biologist - Inland waters of Marinette County & Oconto County regarding fish stocking and historical fish population in Boot Lake
Boot Lake Gamefish Panfish Electro CPE_Summary
Boot Lake Stocking From1972 Present


Citizen Lake Monitoring Reports now on-line

click here to see Boot Lake data


U.S. Geological Survey

Water Level Marker on Boot Lake

2020 Readings

Last Reading 2019: October 2, 2019: 4.50

April 21, 2020: 4.52

June 4, 2020 2:00pm : 4.53

June 21, 2020 2:43pm: 4.65

July 4, 2020 10:35am: 4.58

July 15, 2020 10:00am: 4.56

Base height on 5/17/10 of 1.37 ft

(feet to inches calculator)

2019 Water Levels

2018 Water Levels

2017 Water Levels

2016 Water Levels

2015 WaterLevels

2014 Water Levels

2013 Water Levels

2012 Water Levels

2011 Water levels

2010 Water levels

historic water levels for Boot Lake


Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Amy Klebe if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

click here to visit the Wiscosnin Lakes website


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Boot Lake Wildlife Photos

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