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News from Boot Lake (10/16/18)

Earlier this summer while on one of our many dog walks we ran into Bob Gaie the Doty town supervisor and mentioned the speed situation on Archibald Lake rd.  He stopped by today and told us he will be installing 2 new pedestrian signs on our road, one at the beginning of Pine Ridge and Archibald and the other at the triangle.  I also showed him the potentially dangerous spot where cars at the bottom of the hill by Dick can't see our driveways when we're backing out so a Hidden Driveway will be going up.  These signs are not much, but they might stop someone from getting hurt or worse.

   While I had Bob's ear I asked him about the upcoming tax increases and the bottom line it's all about the ambulance services in our area or the lack there of.  Due to the lack of volunteers they need the tax increase to fund a 3 person 24/7 crew at the Mountain station.  This increase must be agreed upon by the towns of Mountain, Riverview, and Doty and if one town does not go along the plan the tax increase will fail and we might be without an ambulance service.  This has already happened to the towns of Langlade and White Lake and they have to rely on ambulance response form Antigo while could take over an hour.

Amy Klebe Attends Invasive Species Clinic

"I attended the Lake Leaders seminar at Kemp Station in Woodruff. Attendees represented 26 lakes from all over Wisconsin.
Our instructors from UWEX-Lakes, DNR Fisheries, UW Center for Watershed Science & University of Minnesota taught us about many water related topics such as lake ecosystems, limnology, lake monitoring and watershed science.
Our lakes face many challenges including shoreline and watershed impact, aquatic invasive species and climate change.
Over the winter on the website I will share more information on the state if Boot lake and things we can do to protect it."

Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Amy Klebe if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

click here to visit the Wiscosnin Lakes website


Here's how you got the word out about your business before social media.  Just think $5.00 a day and only two turns up from Chicago!


Postcard from the 1940's of Pine Ridge Lodge "Pump Room".  Behind the bar are Bud Erler along with his father ( Frank and John's father and grandfather).  Note the photos along the top of the walls, they are of famous boxers who used to come to the lodge to practice.



Snapshot Day

Ben & Amy represented Boot Lake at the Lakewood location. Volunteers sampled 11 lakes in the area for AIS. Ben & Amy sampled at Boot and Bass lake with Chris Kolasinski, a Water Resources Management Specialist with the DNR.

Our site coordinator was Paul Skawinski from UW Stephens Point.

We found native algae and aquatic plants in the 2 lakes along with invasive banded mystery snails which know are in both lakes.

AIS were found in some lakes that there a documented population already.

Next year Snapshot Day will be on August 17, 2019 if anyone else would like to volunteer. We are helping to stop AIS and learning more about the lake ecology too

Boot Lake Water Data for 2018 (updated 8/20/18)

Here is the 3rd and last lake data for the year.  I was a little surprised at some of the readings.  The water surface temps went down a little over July as expected, but in August the temps stayed the same down to 15 feet at 77.1 degree and below that increased at least 1 degree from previous readings down to the bottom.  Additionally, you would expect the secchi clarity depth to decrease due to algae and plant growth in the water, but this month stayed the same as July.  Amy did note that while filtering the water for the chlorophyll test the filter media had a slight greenish hue, but not enough to affect the water clarity. 


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“An Evening with the Loons”

We learned about these amazing birds in an informative hour long presentation by Sherry Abts with the Northland College LoonWatch program

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2018 Boot Lake Cleanup

We had a very successful shore line clean up this past Saturday. The participants this year included Ben Ariss, Craig Vorpahl, Dan Platkowski and his daughter and son in law Cara & Jared Stedl and Bill & Patty Bero.


Boot Lake Loon Update (7/29/18)

Here's Boot Lake's "Yankee Doodle Dandy", born on the 4th of July



Boot Lake Improvement Association Annual Meeting


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Monitoring of the

Boot Lake Boat Landing

(Clean Boats/Clean Waters Program)

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2016 Boot Lake Creel Survey Report

A while back you called asking about our Creel Report from last year on Boot lake, and although it has taken longer than expected – it is now finally done!  Please feel free to copy or send to any others that may be interested.  You can also find more Creel Survey Reports on the following website

We certainly appreciate your cooperation and that of all the friendly folks we met out there.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.  Enjoy your lake.

Joelle Underwood
Fisheries Technician – Treaty Fisheries
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
8770 County J,  Woodruff, WI  54568
Phone: 715-356-5211 x 228

click here to see the 2016 Boot Lake Creel Survey Report


Update on Condition and Health of Boot Lake

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Boot Lake Improvement Association

Map of the Vegetation and the Health of Boot Lake

2017 Boot Lake Mapping for Vegetation
2014 Boot Lake Mapping for Vegetation
2013 Boot Lake Mapping for Vegetation

The Ci BioBase System was developed to provide automated cloud based mapping and historical trend tools for aquatic analysis. This is accomplished with powerful yet inexpensive data recording tools and dynamic centralized analytic and lake mapping tools. CI BioBase leverages log file formats recorded to SD cards using today’s Lowrance™ brand depth finders and chart plotters.
Each subscriber to the BioBase System can collect acoustic data, upload it to a BioBase account, and automatically produce vegetation abundance and bathymetric maps
More information can be found at


Boot Lake Fish Stocking Information

email from Senior Fisheries Biologist - Inland waters of Marinette County & Oconto County regarding fish stocking and historical fish population in Boot Lake
Boot Lake Gamefish Panfish Electro CPE_Summary
Boot Lake Stocking From1972 Present


Citizen Lake Monitoring Reports now on-line

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Boot Lake Freezes 12-09-2017

U.S. Geological Survey

Water Level Marker on Boot Lake

First Reading May 23, 2018: 4.18

June 7, 2018: 4.08

June 24, 2018: 4.26

July 8, 2018: 4.02

July 30, 2018: 3.82

August 15, 2018: 3.68

September 1, 2018: 3.66

September 6, 2018: 3.80

September 17, 2018: 3.66

October 7, 2018: 3.78

Final 2018 Reading

November 5, 2018: 3.92

2017 Readings:

May 2, 2017: 4.20 ft

(up 0.79 ft (9.5in)from last reading on 11/14/16)

June 1, 20017: 4.4 ft

July 1, 2017: 4.8 ft

Aug 1, 2017: 4.6 ft

Sept 1, 2017: 4.3 ft

Oct 1, 2017: 4.4 ft

Nov 20, 2017 (final reading): 4.11

First Reading of 2016: 3.84 ft

(up 0.9 ft from last reading on 11/30/15)

May 5, 2016: 3.84 ft

June 9, 2016: 3.88 ft

July 10, 2016: 3.88 ft

August 15, 2016: 3.78 ft

September 2, 2016: 3.58 ft

September 30, 2016: 3.48 ft

October 25, 2016: 3.28 ft

November 14, 2016: 3.41 ft (final reading 2016)

(down 0.43 ft, [5 5/32 in] from first reading of 2016)

November 30, 2015: 2.94 (final 2015)

Final Reading of 2014 (11/13/2014): 2.58 ft

1st Reading 2015: 4/30/15 2.99 ft

Base height on 5/17/10 of 1.37 ft

(feet to inches calculator)

2013 Water Levels

2012 Water Levels

2011 Water levels

2010 Water levels

historic water levels for Boot Lake


Boot Lake Wildlife Photos

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Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Amy Klebe if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

click here to visit the Wiscosnin Lakes website


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