thanks to all who helped in the

Boot Lake Cleanup 2011

Participants were:

Dick Kelm. Kelly Diedrick, Chad Diedrick, Laura Lawson, Laura's Brother-In-Law

Bill Bero, Patty Bero, Dave Vanden Over, Paul Gilmeister, Mary Gilmeister

Dan Platkowski

"The Annual Lake Clean Up Event was held at 8:30 am on Saturday July 30, 2010.  The Northeast shore was cleaned from Erler's Beach to the rock pile near the Island.   Thank you so much to the "Team" for their time and efforts to keep Boot Lake at its best.  This year the lake had the least amount of unwanted items than any previous year.  Approximately one full garbage bag of materials were removed.  Bait cups, covers, glass bottles, aluminum cans, fishing lures, plastic materials, and metals were removed from the lake.  The unusual item was a bottom of a metal barrel near the culvert.   We hope that word of our efforts is spreading and all users of Boot Lake are taking extra precautions to keep unwanted materials from entering the lake.  Thanks again to the Lake Clean Up Team for a Job WELL DONE.


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