Postcards from Boot Lake Past

Latest postcard of "downtown Lakewood" in the early 1950's  If you look closely you can see the steps of the Red Owl store where I would sit with my Drumstick ice cream cone melting watching the cars drive past.  Very exciting.



So if you think traffic is bad now in Lakewood in the summertime , take a look at what it was like in the mid 50's.  Note Connors lumber yard on the left hand side of 32 and the Red Owl and Adams IGA on the right.



This looks like the southern corner of the lake (see red arrow below).

I have stood on that bridge and I think it is still there today.

On the near side of the bridge is a small ‘canal’ that just ends about where the picture taker is standing.

On the far side of the bridge on the right there is an opening that leads out to the lake.

There is not an ‘island’ on the far side as it appears but rather shore line.

This was a ‘Lodge’ back in the 1920’s before the Lieght family bought it

Jeff Strey



Mountain Trolly Early 1900's


Boot Lake CCC Camp 1930s


Boot Lake Collage 1930s


Boot Lake 1925 postcard



Boot Lake 1928

Boot Lake Pine Ridge Resort 1930

Boot Lake Snow 1935


Bud Erler 1948


Earlers Lodge Pumproom 1940s

Erler Bar 1964


Pine Ridge 1960s


Pine Ridge Lodge Advertisment


Pintsch's Hardware 1930's